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When not to be in your Series Land Rover

A few year’s ago my brother from Fylde Land Rover Services in Lytham sat down with his apprentice for lunch one sunny day when a horn was continually sounded outside the workshop.  After watching this, what he thought to be an ignorant man in his truck cab series 3 for a few minutes, Steve sent the lad to tell him off as it was lunchtime, and he would have to come in an have a brew until they were back to work.

All was revealed, this guy had bought a beautiful new Series 3 from Ebay and was driving home.  Home meant driving over a number of speed bumps a couple of miles away.  Well blow me down but when he got home, he found he couldn’t get out of any doors, and as he was a little rotund he couldn’t escape through a window; hence the trip to Fylde Land Rovers to see if they had a idea!  A trolley jack under the gearbox crossmember  sorted the problem.  By jacking it up an inch or two amazingly the doors opened.  The chassis had totally snapped behind the crossmember under the seats…. it was nicely painted though!!!

Motto of this story:  What you see off Ebay may not be what you get!  Have a good look – it’s surprising what ‘Fred’ can spirit up out his shed to hide the naughties.