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All our Land Rover Series Body Panels are BRITISH engineered; guaranteed to fit properly and look correct. This is the most important factor when restoring Classic Land Rovers.  Ensuring that all panels are as close to the original as possible, many hours are spent developing and improving the tooling.

Paintman Panels stock Land Rover Series Body Panels for the Series 2, 2a, 3 and a limited number of 90/110 Defender Panels.  We will only supply a panel that we believe in and would fit ourselves.  There is no point in supplying and trying to fit poor panel work.  We won’t do it so we don’t expect you to.  After over 45 years in the Land Rover world, Dave (the boss) will only sell the best he can find.

A little insight of how we think

2016 saw us finally doing what you wanted us to do… putting our panels online, so that you can buy them in between the shows.  A growing number of you have already seen the quality of our panels and bought them immediately at the Land Rover Shows,  along with our paint throughout the year.  Here is the result of our efforts.  Constantly keeping an eye on new stock coming in, there is always room for improvement.

In addition to the Panels, we have also secured a partnership with Castrol Classic Oils, the original supplier for the older Land Rovers.  These products are just as good as they ever were and although it seems an odd addition to the Panels we love our original quality products for the older Land Rovers.   We are always striving for perfection so your constructive comments good bad or indifferent are always welcomed and acted upon.

If a panel is not in stock you won’t find it listed as being available. However, please call us to register your interest and you will be notified as soon as they are back in stock. There aren’t many parts on this site, but as we find and develop more superb aftermarket items to be passionate about, Paintman Panels will bring them into stock.

Viewing from the USA

Visit Rovers Norths https://www.roversnorth.com/ . This is our official outlet for Panel products.  If don’t appear on their listings let us know and we can notify them.

Need Paint

Don’t forget to get your brilliant quality paint for your panels.  Do you need any further information?  If so talk to us on 01777 710100, email Sales@Paintman.co.uk, or use the contact us page.

 We take pride in looking after our customers ensuring that your dealings with us are always a pleasurable experience.

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