330248 Land Rover Series Rear End Quarter Panel RH

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330248 Land Rover Series Rear End Quarter Panel RH.  Our  Rear End Quarter Panel RH is a totally British made product.   These Rear End Quarter Panels are the earlier units  for the Series 2 and 3 that have the side lamp and indicator lamp located at the top.  They were fitted throughout the production period until 1984 when Land Rover altered them to have one at the top and one at the bottom.

This product is the best fitting Rear End Quarter Panel we have had the privilege to sell for many years.   They are manufactured with such care and attention to detail they could easily be mistaken for OEM items.

330248 Land Rover Series Rear End Quarter Panel RH  – other points of interest

Our Land Rover Series Rear end Quarter Panels are manufactured from top quality heavy duty aluminum.  This makes them far more durable than the original Land Rover items; which were always prone to damage.  The Panels are pre-etch primed, in readiness for painting with Paintman Coach Enamel once fitted.  The colour of the Etch Primer may vary.  They follow faithfully the design and contour of the original Land Rover OEM part.  British made by craftsmen… its the way we like them.

We fit all of our own products, thereby knowing how beautifully they fit.  There is nothing worse than a product that doesn’t fit correctly and takes excessive time to fit, even if it is cheaper.  Watch out for pretenders!