337781 Land Rover Series Rear Door – fits Series 2, 2A and 3

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337781 Land Rover Series Rear Door.  Paintman’s Land Rover Series Rear Door is a British made,  beautifully finished product .  They are the best fitting items we have been privileged to sell for many years.   Built with such care and attention to detail they could easily be mistaken for OEM items.

337781 Land Rover Series Rear Door – other points of interest

Our Land Rover Series Rear Doors are manufactured to an exacting standard.   The Panels are then etch primed in readiness to accept a topcoat of Paintman Coach Enamel.  The colour of the primer may vary.

They follow closely the design and contour of the original Land Rover OEM part.  British made by craftsmen… its the way we like them.

We fit our all of our own products, we know what an excellent product they are.  There is nothing worse than a poorly fitting product.  Sadly these normally take twice the time to fit and don’t look correct once fitted.  Watch out for pretenders!!