Series Roof Ladder

Series Roof Rack Ladder Rear – galvanised

£42.50 ex VAT

337939 Land Rover Series 2A/3 Sill LH Rear NOS

£10.00 ex VAT
337939 S3 Sill Rear LH

337938 Land Rover Series 2A/3 Sill RH Rear NOS

337938 Land Rover Series 2A/3 Sill RH Rear NOS

£10.00 ex VAT

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337938 Land Rover Series 2A/3 Sill RH Rear NOS.   The Paintman supplied 3″ Sill assembly is a genuine Land Rover New Old Stock (NOS) item.  It is the rear section for the Late Series 2A and Series 3 SWB Land Rover.

337938 Land Rover Series 2A/3 Sill RH Rear NOS – other points of interest

Our Land Rover Series 2A/3 Rear Sill sections are genuine Land Rover new old stock (NOS) items.  These may be discoloured or have a few paint blemishes on them from multiple handling, or maybe other marks relating to their age. These are in as limited stock and once they have gone they have gone

We fit our all of our own products, we know what an excellent product they are.

These Rear Sills have been recently purchased from a Land Rover specialist who has retired after many years.  Watch out for our other listings as we sift through the consignment.

All New old stock items have some form of blemish on them.  This could be a scratch, paint blemish, or other very minor damage.  Attributed normally to the age of the product and general movements made during their 40 plus years.

For further information please contact us and if you need paint, checkout Paintman Paint

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm

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