Classic Valvemaster Plus

Castrol Classic Valvemaster Plus 250ml – Lead Replacement

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Castrol Classic EP140 – 1 Litre

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Castrol Classic EP140

Castrol Classic Valvemaster 250ml – Lead Replacement

Castrol Classic Valvemaster 250ml – Lead Replacement

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Quality Castrol product, Castrol Classic Valvemaster 250ml – Lead Replacement will treat up to 250ltr of unleaded petrol. Suitable for classic Land Rovers including series models and defenders. Any pre-1996 petrol vehicles. For use with 95, 97, 98, 99, or higher octane ethanol E5 and E10 petrol

E10 now introduced into 95 RON petrol from 1st September 2021

Valvemaster is the recommended solution for cars and motorcycles requiring valve seat protection.

  • The best protection after lead against valve seat recession
  • Protects your engine under all driving conditions
  • Keeps fuel systems clean
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Not suitable for catalytic converters

Valvemaster with its unique phosphorus formula protects against valve seat recession under all driving conditions. Containing Etha-Guard ethanol stabiliser that protects and enables use of ethanol E5 and E10 petrol

Castrol Classic Valvemaster is endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and has been subjected to a valve seat recession test by an independent test house on behalf of the FBHVC. The results of the test indicate that the level of valve seat protection is likely to be adequate for all normal driving. Want more information, visit the official classic valve master site for technical detail and information or contact us

Classic Valvemaster is perfect for day to day use.  If you require more, enhanced performance and economy, we suggest you use Castrol Valvemaster Plus.  Valvemaster Plus offers enhanced performance of up to 3% and fuel use economy of up to 2%.

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