336466 Land Rover Series 2A Radiator Panel – up to 1968

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336466 Land Rover Series 2A Radiator Panel.  British made and beautifully finished, these are for Series 2A with its headlamps in the centre. The Front Radiator Panel is the later version designed to fit the Head Lamp Bowl with the raised pressing in which the headlamp fits.  Fitted throughout the production period until roughly 1968.  The Headlamps then moved into the wings.

We fit all of our own products, thereby knowing how beautifully they fit.  There is nothing worse than a product that doesn’t fit correctly and takes excessive time to fit, even if it is cheaper

Additional information of interest

  • Design. All our panels faithfully follow the design and contour of the OEM product to ensure a perfect fit and match.
  • Quality. Manufactured from quality heavy duty steel, ensures the 336466 Land Rover Series 2A Radiator Panel has improved durability over the OEM Land Rover product. In addition all panels are quality checked to ensure they meet our own high quality standards.
  • Preparation. 336466 Land Rover Series 2A Radiator Panel comes pre-etched primed. See our sister company Paintman Paint for all painting requirements to give a quality painted finish.
  • Any issues or further information, please ask us a question on our contact page