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MRC7547 Rear Quarter Panel late – LH

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Door Handle fixing Kit – Land Rover Series & Split Door Defender

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antiburst lock fixing kit

347322 Land Rover Series 3 Window Lock Kit

347322 Land Rover Series 3 Window Lock Kit

£10.76 ex VAT

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347322 Land Rover Series 3 Window Lock kit.  fitted to Series 3 these window from 1972 to 1984. This lock design sits flush in the bottom of the door top in the pre cut hole. Secure with either self tapers or rivets

Kit includes

  • 347322 Lock mechansism
  • 349773 Lock Mask
  • x2 self tapers

Technically there is a third component that should be used which is a gasket, however in our experience it is not needed and causes more fitment problems than any benefit offered. So avoid the hassle

To lock,  the button is pushed and slide to release the catch mechanism.  To unlock, press and slide in the opposite direction and release.

We fit all of our own products, thereby knowing how beautifully they fit.  There is nothing better than new parts that fit perfectly, correctly and fit first time. There are cheaper products on the market, but why waste time when you can buy the best quality on the market and save that time.

Additional information of interest 347322 Window Lock kit

  • Using with paintman glazed / unglazed series 3 door tops. You will need to align and pilot drill the hole. Top tip align the lock and check it slides freely before drilling
  • Any issues or further information required, please do not hesitate to ask us a question on our contact page

Additional information

Weight .2 kg

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